The first place of worship was an empty Aquatic Club facility on Brick Church Pike. Rev. R. C. Mays joined with a group of people hungry for a church home to find an overgrown, abandoned Club House to rent to form a brand new church in the Nashville area.  Weeds were cleared, brush and trash removed, broken windows were replaced, and the yard was mowed. It was in this location that the vote was taken,

“this assembly shall be called Calvary Tabernacle.”

original building

 Calvary Tabernacle’s first service was on November 5, 1978. The stay there continued through the cold winter of 1979. Even with good heaters, the place was extremely drafty and freezing cold. Glass in the doors and windows were continually vandalized, broken and smashed, but neither vandals nor the cold could quench the spirit of Calvary Tabernacle.

  Brother Jack and Sister Charolyn Batson held the first revival for Calvary Tabernacle on March 28th through April 4, 1979.

Avondale Baptist

 The second house of worship was at Avondale Baptist Church where the facility was shared. Avondale held their services on Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday night. Calvary Tabernacle held their services on Sunday afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday nights. This remained true until either congregation hosted a revival, then we all fellowshipped together.  There were visitors that came in on Sunday afternoon expecting to worship with the Avondale congregation and were greatly surprised at the resounding praise and joyful worship of Calvary.

 It was at Avondale where Rev. Jack Batson became pastor to Calvary Tabernacle. Calvary Tabernacle moved to their first purchased facility located on Trinity Lane.  This was a church that had been built by the vision of two special couples, Brother & Sister Spaight Perry and Brother & Sister Luther Buchanan.

Trinity Lane

Through the purchase of the facility by Calvary, these couples saw that their vision being perpetuated for years to come. The first service for Calvary Tabernacle was held on October 5, 1980.  Dedication services were held on October 10th through the 12th, 1980, with Rev. Lee Coffman of Bloomington, Indiana as the guest speaker.

The church family grew tremendously during this time.  Renovations began and a baptistery was built just in time for a memorable revival.  We witnessed 32 people baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost in that revival.  Calvary soon outgrew the facility on Trinity Lane and God began dealing with this congregation to reach out to a totally different location and community.

 Moving to the fourth location of Calvary Tabernacle was a leap of faith.  The first service held in the new building was June 2, 1985. This was a building that could seat 300 providing ample room to grow, but it was clear across town from where home had been for so long. Old Hickory There was Sunday school room after Sunday school room in the basement, providing no more cramped classes.  Dedication services were held July, 1985, Rev. Bobby Ritchie from Denham Springs, Louisiana as guest speaker.

 In 1989 Calvary Tabernacle was remolded, the front steps were removed and an entrance hall was added. A handicap ramp was installed and a brand new sign was placed along with landscaping to add the finishing touches.  Calvary had settled in to stay forever, but God had other plans.  God provided the means to purchase land to build an outreach center.  But then, God provided purchasers for Bethany Apostolic and for Calvary Tabernacle without ever putting up a For Sale sign.  As the people reeled with amazement a different spirit settled among the congregation, the people had a mind to work and renovated a portion of the gym that had been built to serve as a temporary location until a new facility could be built.

Bethany Apostolic Church was born from a vision of Rev. Jack Batson to reach the Ashland City community with the Gospel of Christ. It was prophesied to this congregation that this church would be a bright and burning light to this Bethany Apostoliccommunity.  Here Brother Batson extended his ministry from Old Hickory and became pastor to two churches.  Sunday afternoons rang with singing and praise as service was held in Ashland City.

  Through the span of time Bethany Apostolic experienced growth with pastors such as Rev. Wade Hall, Rev. Dural Pate and Rev. Dickie Webb.  A vision that is not shared is a vision that cannot be realized.  After Brother Webb resigned the church and moved to Virginia, Brother Jack Batson again resumed pastorship at Bethany Apostolic.  God had plans for this congregation, but there was a feeling of apprehension when the building sold without it even being for sale.  Moving into a temporary location until the outreach center could be built on land purchased by Calvary Tabernacle, never realizing that this was an anointed step to combine these two sister churches.

 history old logoA new life, a new beginning, this is a joyous moment to be cherished. Surrounded by family, friends and comfortable familiar faces, a brand new body of Christ was formed at New Life Apostolic Church. Two churches becoming one, sharing one vision and one purpose. Moments of jubilation, moments of sadness, moments of joyous recognition, moments of renewed friendships, these are all characteristic of a family reunion. United in God’s

New Lifefamily, united in spirit, united in purpose, New Life Apostolic Church began with an explosion and continued with purpose, to win the lost, to serve, worship and praise God.

Here is a “family home” where love is shared, you are cared for, prayed for and accepted. Real spiritual birth and genuine spiritual renewal is the norm. Enjoy the gentle breezes of the wind of the spirit as you join in worship and praise at New Life Apostolic Church

2013 finds this assembly marching boldly into the future while never leaving the old paths that were forged by our founding pastor Rev. R.C. Mays. A new look on the history new logosign, a new look on the stationary but the same fire of Pentecost burning in the pulpit and in the pews. This is a place where the spirit of the Lord is welcome and can be felt in every service.  Pastor Jack Batson, now Bishop Batson smiles hugely as Pastor Nathan Batson fervently brings the word of the Lord to the people. 2013 marks a new era with very old roots. New Life Church embodies a welcoming atmosphere full of old friend comfort. Pastor Nathan Batson shared his vision for New Life for this coming year, and by the grace of God this portion of the body of Christ is moving forward. Our aim is to be moving forward in every aspect of worship, moving forward in prayer, moving forward in outreach, moving forward in consecration, moving forward in dedication to reach the lost at all costs.