“Menistry”  Mission

We sharpen one another by taking steps to become stronger men of God.  Our director, John Warner feels we can accomplish this through monthly focused prayer, attending Men’s Conference, campus maintenance and other organized events throughout the year.  Before we are anything within the Kingdom of God, we are men first.  Our most important responsibility as men starts at home. Our families know us for who we really are, what we truly believe, and what we ultimately stand for. Through prayer and fellowship, we strive to build each other up. We are also committed to activities that allow us to witness outside of the church.

Men’s Focused Prayer – First Monday night of each month, 7:00 p.m. – Fellowship Hall. Join us as we work together to strengthen and improve our families.



John Warner

John Warner

John Warner has been the Men’s Minister for three years. His belief is that every man, regardless of their position in the church, has a special calling on their life. Each man, whether at home, church, workplace or recreation are called to live for God.

This ministry creates a forum to strengthen one another and support one another so that we may fulfill our calling and grow into men that would be pleasing to the Lord.

John and his wife Cheri have been a part of the New Life family since 2003. They have two daughters, Kaeleigh and Hannah, one son-in-law Phillip, and three grandsons, Isaac, Jaakin, and Josiah. In our family, we believe that strong families build strong churches, and that the strength of the family is found in our Lord Jesus Christ.